Hot! Thai Officials Increase Restrictions during Songkran


Last week, the Thai government declared “dry areas” and “safe zones” during the Songkran water festival to ensure safety for those celebrating and to reduce congestion and accidents, reports The Bangkok Post. In Bangkok, alcohol-free zones include Khao San Road, Silom Road and Rama 9 Road. Alcohol is also banned in other provinces, such as Khon Khon, Pattaya and Phuket. This means that both the sale and consumption of alcohol will be outlawed.

In addition, approximately 12,000 security checkpoints and public service spots will be created around major traffic routes across the country. Last year, that number totaled only 5,000. Security officers will also be on foot patrolling the areas.

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Now, the National News Bureau of Thailand is reporting that “the practice of carrying water containers on pickup trucks and splashing water down from the trucks” will also be banned. This again is in an effort to reduce accidents and injuries. The Ministry of Interior said people on pickup trucks will be banned from splashing water on public roads, in order to reduce the risk of accident occurring.

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