Hot! Thai Politician Calls For Legal Brothels and Sex Toy Shops

The leader of the Thai Civilized party has proposed to legalize brothels and sex toy shops as a means of reducing sexual violence.

Mongkolkit Suksintharanont, who sits on a House committee examining ways to quell sexual assault, said in a Facebook post that he would broach the subject with his fellow committee members.

In the post, Mongkolkit argues that rapes are typically carried out by men in order to release their sexual tension.

Humans, he explained, have natural urges to reproduce–hence, have sex.

He stated that laws and cultural norms should be in line with this natural desire.

Legal brothels and sex toys would allow them to vent that pint up sexual energy, according to Mongkolkit.

Mongkolkit said that his idea of state-sanctioned brothels and sex shops follows the Swiss model.

In addition to reducing rape, Mongkolkit also argued that legal and regulated brothels would cut down on corruption among officials that profit off of the black market sex trade.

Read the full story here.

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