Hot! Thai Security Forces Spend $30 million on Fake Bomb Detectors

Photo by id-iom Apparently, the ” bomb detectors” are not much better than a store-bought toy.

Thailand security forces have spent $30 million on more than 1,500 fake bomb detectors  to use against Islamist rebels despite the U.S. Embassy’s warning that the devices are useless “toys.” The Department of Special Investigation announced this month that the manufacturers and distributors fraudulently sold them to Thailand’s military, narcotics bureau, airports, and others security agencies.

Despite the warning and investigation Thailand’s top defense officials insist the devices work saying they have detected explosives in the past.

According to the Washington Times, about a dozen government agencies purchased 1,576 of the handheld units, called GT200 and Alpha 6. The Department of Special Investigation said a British company, ComsTrac Ltd., produced and sold GT200s and Alpha 6s to Thailand.

British explosives specialist Sidney Alford examined a GT200 and discovered it was useless stating it was “an empty plastic case” and that the detection card is nothing more than a piece of paper.

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