Hot! Thailand Capitalizing on Same-sex Partnership Law to Draw LGBT Tourists

Thailand’s tourism sector is marketing the country’s new same-sex partnership law as a means to draw more LGBT vacationers.

As it stands now, Thailand receives the highest share of LGBT tourism contribution of any country, 1.15 percent of its entire GDP, which totals a staggering $5.3 billion a year.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand hopes that promoting the country’s same-sex civil union law at tourism symposiums and events around the world will bring in more LGBT travelers.

Although the bill hasn’t been fully ratified due to the uncertainty surrounding the country’s first elections since 2014, held on March 24, the cabinet has already approved the draft and it looks likely to pass when the election dust settles.

Thailand has long seen as a perfect destination for LGBT tourists thanks to its relative open-mindedness towards gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals.

The same-sex partnership law, if passed, will be further proof that Thailand is a welcome destination for LGBT travelers and will be another win for the country’s thriving tourism industry.

Read the full story here.

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