Thailand Named the World’s Deadliest Destination for Australians

Thailand is the most dangerous place in the world for Australian tourists, according to 9 News.

Statistics from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs show that 203 Australians died in Thailand last year, and 74 were reported as missing. These numbers are much higher than even the second country on the list, the Philippines, where 129 Aussies died last year.

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One particular case that made headlines this year was the death of Emily Collie. She was killed when a jet ski she was riding in Phuket collided into her boyfriend’s. He survived the accident and faced charges for causing her death.

Thailand also topped the list for hospitalization of Australian nationals, with 195 of them seeking medical treatment at Thai hospitals in 2016. However, when it came to arrest of Australians, the USA was top of the list. Currently, Thai prisons hold 26 Australians, most of whom were sent there for drugs charges.

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