Hot! Thailand May Reduce Marijuana and Meth Penalties

 Thailand is looking to ease the laws on drugs starting with Marijuana and Methaphetaminemarijuana-101796_960_720

Khaosodenglish reports that the Thai regime is looking to ease the laws imposed on drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine by the end of this year.

According to Sirinya Sitdichai, Director of the Narcotics Control Board in Thailand, marijuana, hemp and kratom will be reclassified within the next several months while meth will be reclassified in December. Meth, or Ya ba as the locals call it, is currently listed in Category 1 while hemp, kratom and marijuana are all Category 5 drugs.

Sirinya also added “We want to reclassify them because hemp can be an economic crop; kratom is used by many people as an herb, especially people in the south, who like to chew it, And as for marijuana, the international medical community says it can be used for medical benefits.”

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