Hot! Thailand to Legalize Undocumented Cambodians

There are 231,626 undocumented Cambodian workers in Thailand

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Cambodians who enter Thailand illegally for work will soon have their positions legalized by the Thai embassy reports Khmer Times.

These undocumented workers usually receive a pink migrant status card after illegal entry into Thailand which enables them to work as migrants but prevents them from obtaining legal jobs.

According to Khmer Times, the pink cards that issued to illegal migrants were created after the military revolt in 2014 saw the expulsion of foreign workers. The workers re-entered Thailand illegally and to combat the problem, the military issued migrant status cards which allowed the immigrants to stay but prohibited them from getting legally employed and obtaining work permits in Thailand.

In order to fix the situation, Cambodian and Thai authorities convened to discuss legalization of the “231,626 undocumented Cambodian workers”

Cambodia’s Labor Ministry said undocumented workers should apply for travel documents from the embassy in Bangkok.

A ministry statement said on Tuesday: “The committee is ready to offer documents to workers following legal procedures required by Thai law.”

Workers need to pay 950 baht ($27) for the travel documents. These should be taken with 500 baht ($14) and the pink card to the Thai Immigration Department to apply for work permits.

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