Hot! Thailand’s Corruption Convicts May Face the Death Penalty

The government is considering implementing the death penalty for corruption


The Thai government is deciding on whether to implement the death penalty in some cases of corruption in a move that critics are calling an attempt by the military junta to consolidate power.

The Jurist reports that the proposed law will apply to those convicted of corrupting more than 1 billion baht (USD 28 million). Those convicted of corrupting less than 1 billion baht will face up to 5 years in prison.

The proposal was approved by 155 of the 162 committee members after which it will be presented to the cabinet, parliament, and finally Thailand’s constitutional committee before it is adopted.

Previous laws allowed for capital punishment of government officials involved in bribery but no official has been executed for the crime. Other crimes that are awarded capital punishment in Thailand include murder, rape, arson and treason.

The last death sentence was carried out in 2009 when two men were executed for drug trafficking offences in Thailand.

The move has been criticized by several human rights groups.

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