Hot! TM30 Update: Thai Immigration Clarifies ’24 Reporting’, Some Foreigners Exempt

Thai immigration officials have issued a notification reassuring certain foreigners in Thailand that they don’t need to report to immigration when they change their address or go to another province.

The Immigration Bureau alert reads:

“During the visit to Thailand, for purposes of tourism sports, business, investments, education, practicing of skilled craftsmen or specialists, aliens are not required to notify the competent official in case of moving their residence.”

Immigration officials say that the announcement was made on the heels of outrage regarding the country’s recent reinforcement of the controversial TM30 Form in order to reduce confusion.

“The notice announces exceptions to the TM28 requirement for foreigners to report their whereabouts within 24 hours of arriving at their destination,” Chief Col Kathathorn Kumthieng told The Phuket News.

Kathathorn also said these visitors are exempt because the TM30 Form already requires landlords to report to immigration any foreigners staying at their properties.

In short, the TM30 Form covers their whereabouts so the TM28 Form is unnecessary.

For foreigners not listed, typically longterm expats on work or retirement visas, both TM28 and TM30 24-hour reporting is required.

This means that if one of these expats wants to go to another province for a short weekend trip, they or their landlord must report to immigration within 24 hours of entering the other province and upon arriving home.

Thai immigration authorities recently defended the TM30 enforcement, claiming it is necessary to protect national security.

Read the full story here.

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