Hot! Trump Nominates Conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

President Donald Trump recently nominated the right-wing judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the US Supreme Court following the retirement of conservative justice Anthony Kennedy.

On the surface level, the like-for-like replacement looks like it won’t shift the court’s overall stance on a variety of issues.

But Kavanaugh’s far-right stance on many issues as well as the fact that Kennedy voted with the liberal justices on the court on several high-profile occasions, means that the change could have a huge impact on how a variety of issues in America play out–If he’s approved by Congress, that is.

In particular, Kennedy was the deciding swing vote in the 5-4 decisions regarding legalizing same-sex marriage and preserving the right of women to get an abortion.

With Kavanaugh now in the picture, it’s possible that the high court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the past, Kavanaugh has also been a vocal supporter of expanded presidential power, an ardent defender of big business, and a staunch Republican partisan.

Read the full story here.

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