Hot! UFC Fighters Can Now Smoke Pot before Fights

The change in policy is seen as hope for fighters who have been suspended

Photo by Kevlar

Two years after UFC fighter Nick Diaz was made to cough up a fine of $165,000 and suspended from fighting for 5 years, former UFC Champion Michael Bisping has explained that although the US Anti-Doping Agency has a strict no drug policy against marijuana, fighters will still be able to use it under certain conditions.

According to Bisping, “You are allowed to smoke weed, if you choose to. You are allowed to smoke weed outside of competition. The way it works with USADA is you have in competition and out of competition. In competition, it’s twelve hours before the fight and 12 hours after, or until you have been seen by a doctor or have given a urine or blood sample.”

Many hope that the new shift in policy is a compromise from the USADA bringing sensibility, fairness, and compassion to strict policy on doping.

Under the USADA, testing positive for cannabis has resulted in a 5 year suspension whereas those testing positive for performance enhancing drugs face only one year.

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