Hot! Uniqlo Sex Tape Couple Arrested in China

A video going viral can do wonders for any brand, and fashion store Uniqlo are experiencing a surprise surge in visitors to its Beijing branch, reports the Guardian.


Because a couple chose this unlikely backdrop to make a sex tape, and the video has since become an online sensation on social media.

But was this just your average overly amorous (and exhibitionist) couple? Or perhaps a publicity stunt orchestrated by Uniqlo head office?

Image Credit: Cecilio Hsieh (Flickr)

Uniqlo. Image Credit: Cecilio Hsieh (Flickr)

Uniqlo have flatly denied any involvement despite police suggestion that this may be the case. They would surely have to deny it – as they now face a possible license revoke and fines from 200,000 to 1 million yuan.

Chinese authorities have reacted with outrage.

“Both the man and the women in the video are in the wrong,” Liu Ning, a Chinese lawyer, told Beijing TV.

“Fitting rooms provide some level of privacy but they are still public places. This kind of behaviour in a public place is inappropriate and could even violate public security management regulations.”

Five people have been arrested in connection with the incident, including the couple featured in the video, who have not been named.

Despite the outrage, many locals and tourists are now flocking to the store to take selfies at the scene of the alleged crime, with t-shirts honoring the video even available online.

Publicity stunt or not, Uniqlo have undoubtedly seen a spike in their sales figures this month.

For the full story, see here.

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