Hot! US Bill Makes it Mandatory For Veterans to Be Vaccinated

The US senate has passed a bill that makes vaccinations mandatory for veterans, reports Activist Post.

Image Credit: Army Medicine (Flickr)

Image Credit: Army Medicine (Flickr)

It is believed that those who refuse to be immunized will, under this bill, lose their medical benefits.

Active military must receive as many as 12 vaccines.

There have been numerous suggestions over the years regarding the safety of vaccinations.

Not only the safety of the vaccinations themselves, but of contamination. Consider:

“Polio vaccines have been found to contain cancer. A Merck rotavirus vaccine was found to be contaminated with a pig virus. Another Merck product, the Hepatitis B vaccine, was reported to have been laced with the AIDS virus. In addition, a tetanus vaccine distributed in the Third World was found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin, an anti-fertility agent known to produce spontaneous abortions.”

Read the full article here.

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