Hot! US Condemns Myanmar for Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing


The US House of Representatives has condemned the Myanmar Government for the human rights violations against the Rohingya people. A Representative has called on President Donald Trump to impose sanctions of the Myanmar military.

The US House recognizes the Rohingya people as a “stateless people”, who due to the actions of the Myanmar military which include setting the Rakhine state on fire have displaced over 600,000 Rohingya people. The House also recognizes that Aung San Suu Kyi’s government has failed to stop the violence against the Rohingya people.

The Bangladesh Government, however, have been praised for opening up their borders to the refugees and have been promised $32 million from the the US Government in terms of humanitarian assistance.

It has also been requested that the Myanmar government and military allow for unobstructed humanitarian access to refugees and for refugees to be able to voluntarily return to the state.

Read the full story here

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Image: Ron Cogswell

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