Hot! Woman Wants Divorce from Husband Accused of Trying to Kill Her

Nancy Howard is seeking a divorce from her husband Frank who has been accused of spending over $1,00k on various hitmen to try and kill her. However, Frank does not want to divorce his wife and claims that neither does she.

Nancy filed for divorce after waking from the coma she was in after the shooting which left her missing an eye.

NY Daily News reported that her husband denies hiring the assassins but copped to having a three-year affair with another woman-the reason he was supposedly trying to kill Nancy. Bank records show that Frank Howard spent hundreds of thousand of dollars on his mistress, buying her a house and even covering her daughter’s college tuition.

A defense contractor he used to work for claims he embezzled millions to pay for the affair, as well as the hitmen, and is suing him.

According to Thailand divorce lawyers, if one spouse does not consent to a divorce then a divorce ‘for cause’ must be filed. In Thailand the spouse filing for the divorce must assert grounds for divorce and make a personal appearance in court.

Ed. Note: We suspect that hiring a contract hitman to murder is a ground for divorce in Thailand.

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