Hot! Another Human Rights Lawyer Arrested in China

As one is released, another is arrested

Chinese officials have announced that prominent human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong who disappeared in November of last year is under formal arrest and has dismissed all legal counsel.

The Jurist reports that Tianyong’s family members were informed of his arrest on Friday. The report reads, “The legal activist disappeared [Guardian report] in November after publicizing the plight of families of human rights lawyers and activists that have been detained in an effort to stifle opposition to the Communist Party.”

His family believes that Tianyong dismissed his defense attorneys under conditions of torture.

The Chinese government has received international criticism for its crackdown on human rights lawyers. Several activists have disappeared or been charged with “subversion of state power”.

Most notably was the detention of human rights lawyer Li Heping who was released after two years of alleged torture. Although technically free, Heping is still being closely watched by the government.

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