Hot! California Gun Law Allows Seizure of Firearms with No Warning

A new gun law came into action on January 1st in California. Now, law abiding citizens can be stripped of their second amendment right if a concern is reported against them.

Image Credit: Rod Waddington (Flickr)

Image Credit: Rod Waddington (Flickr)

Although praised by some, the “gun violence restraining order” law has raised concerns from many who feel this is an attack on civil liberties and second amendment rights. Critics also question how effective the law will actually be at reducing gun crime.

Police officers may now confiscate legally owned guns for three weeks without filing any charges against the owner.

An individual may now be banned from owning firearms for up to a year, even if they have never been charged with a crime.

The law states that “an immediate family member of a person or a law enforcement officer,” can file a petition to have an individual’s guns seized.

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