Hot! Cambodia Bans Surrogacy

Law comes as a blow to the booming surrogacy industry in the country


Channel News Asia reports that the Cambodian government has officially banned the practice of surrogacy in the country.

The move comes after the government announced that it was investigating reports of surrogacy practices in the country. Prior to this, Cambodia had no laws regarding surrogacy.

Cambodia has seen the rise of surrogacy businesses after neighboring surrogacy hubs such as India and Thailand banned the practice. The government felt that the industry would lead to easy exploitation of surrogates by unscrupulous agents.

During the announcement, Justice Minister Ang Vong Vathana said that Cambodia needs surrogacy laws because surrogacy services don’t arise from a person’s desire but from a need to conduct business related to children. He expressed that Cambodia did not need such an arrangement.

There is an increasing trend among South Asian countries to ban surrogacy. Although surrogacy in Thailand is banned, opposite sex married couples that reside in Thailand can still obtain the services of surrogates.

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