Hot! Now Legal to Produce Medical Marijuana in Australia

Law does not decriminalize recreational use



The Guardian reports that the Australian government has passed a law that allows the production of medical marijuana in the country. The law however, did not decriminalize recreational use of the drug.

The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 allows wannabe marijuana producers to obtain a license and legally grow the crop.

The law was welcomed by health minister Sussan Ley who says that it will allow patients and doctors to obtain medical marijuana from safe and reliable sources.

The law is dependent on individual states who will have the power to decide whether to use the drug and who will be able to use it.

Queensland will allow use of medical marijuana by March 2017 reports ABC. Net and New South Wales allows for its use only to end of life patients.

It was reported that Britain also recently passed a law that allows the use of cannabis extract for medical purposes.

The US also recently admitted that studies show marijuana is successful in treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The world is gradually shifting towards positive enforcement of marijuana, treating it less like a criminal drug it once was and more like a medical drug that can be used to treat illnesses. Thailand recently announced that it is looking to ease penalties on possession of marijuana.

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