Hot! Thailand to Register Beggars

Beggars failing to register can be fined up to THB 10, 000


According to a report by Phuket Gazette, Thailand recently passed a law that requires beggars to obtain a license for begging in public places.

The law replaces an old one that punished gangs and individuals who were trafficking people to work as beggars.

The new law, reports Phuket Gazette, is only applicable to destitute mothers and street performers. Anyone found in violation of the law will be penalized with a THB10, 000. Traffickers will be fined THB 30, 000 and government officials found with conspiracy to commit trafficking will be fined THB50, 000.

Homeless elderly people found begging will be transferred to welfare facilities and will not be charged for the crime.

Foreign beggars and children will be dealt with according to immigration laws in Thailand and child welfare laws in Thailand.

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