Hot! Co-Operative UK Supermarket Offers £99 Divorce Kits

The Huffington Post | A UK supermarket chain has become more than a local stop for just groceries. Now along with your food you can also get a divorce is you’re in the mood.

Beginning Thursday, the Co-Operative supermarket is offering eight divorce and legal separation kits ranging in price from £99 to £475 in its 2,800 grocery store locations as well as its 350 bank branches. Options include DIY divorces, managed divorces and managed judicial separations separations.

A hotline is available for shoppers interested in the DIY divorces, after which they will receive a package in the mail with necessary paperwork and a guide to ensure all forms are filled out in a way that makes them legally binding.

Thailand Divorce lawyers have not yet created a DIY Divorce kit. However, the idea is intriguing.

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