Hot! France Investigates Tumor, Organ Damaging GMOs

France is calling for a major investigation into GMOs after a study was done on the long-term effects from consuming Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Findings from the study show evidence that there is a connection between GMO crops and tumors, as well as organ damage. The French agriculture minister is now asking European authorities to abandon the use of GMO crops, and the French government is calling for a health agency investigation.

The study utilized the Monsanto seed variety known as NK603, made tolerant to the company’s own Roundup, an herbicide.

Natural Society said that around 50 per cent of the male rats in the study and 70 per cent of the females died prematurely from tumors, liver damage, and kidney damage after eating or drinking the herbicide Roundup.

A health watchdog has been asked to conduct an investigation into GMOs, one that could possibly lead to a suspension of the use of genetically modified corn throughout the European Union.

WikiLeaks cables revealed that a significant number of U.S. diplomats and other important figures are pleading for Monsanto in countries across Europe so that it can dominate the agricultural industry.

Cables from the U.S. embassy in the Vatican also showed that the United States had pushed for the pope to articulate public support for the GMO crops.

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