Hot! Conflicting Reports on Bin Laden’s Death Arise

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After Esquire magazine published a story on “The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden,” conflicting reports are coming forward regarding what really happened. “The Shooter” described in Esquire’s article says he shot bin Laden when he saw him reach for his gun, a contradiction to the report given by Navy SEAL Team 6 member Matt Bissonette, who published on book on the episode. Now, a third account of the killing has emerged by another member of the unit, who recounted the scene to CNN.

While the latter two testimonies are in agreement, “The Shooter” profiled by Esquire is contradictory. According to the Daily Mail, the source who spoke with CNN said that “‘The Shooter’ was actually sacked from the SEAL unit in question after bragging about his role in the raid in bars,” and he didn’t actually shoot bin Laden after reportedly seeing him reach for a gun. The source says Esquire’s account is “complete B-S.”

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Esquire is standing by their story, which is the closest to the official account given by U.S. authorities.

Both accounts of bin Laden’s killing can be found in the full article here.


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