Hot! Costa Rica Passes Animal Rights Law

The passage was celebrated with pet swimming pools and hydration stations

Costa Rica recently celebrated the passage of a law that regulates the humane treatment of animals much to the delight of animal lovers everywhere.

Animal Welfare Law (no. 7451) was approved on Thursday, June 1, following months of discussion and criminalizes the act of harming a domestic animal or a domesticated pet with prison terms of up to one year.

The law also issues fines for failure to clean up dog waste from public places, carrying out animal breeding or training with the purpose of using the animals for fights, and/or breaching “the provisions on experimentation”, or breaching “basic animal welfare conditions.”

Those involved in commercial activities such as fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, livestock, livestock, veterinary activities, sanitary or phyto-sanitary control, marking, animal reproductive control or animal hygiene are exempt from certain sections under the law.

To celebrate the passage, the national government together with the municipality of San José hosted a block party complete with a pet swimming pool, playground, hydration stations, food bags and snacks, as well as stations for de-worming and vaccination.

Thailand passed an anti-animal cruelty law in 2014. According to a Thai criminal lawyer at Thailand’s Chaninat and Leeds, the new legislation protects domestic pets, as well as animals kept for food and working animals from animal cruelty and places the responsibility for an animal’s welfare on its owners. Anyone found guilty of breaking the law could face up to two years in prison and/or a 40,000 baht fine.

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