Hot! Deadbeat dad gets finally nabbed

By Tripti Chaudhary

Robert Sand, 50-year-old American, was finally nabbed at the Los Angles airport on Monday, for owing more than $1.2 million in child support, after fled to Thailand and then to the Philippines, from where he got deported back to the United States. 

In 1996, Sand divorced his wife, Lisa Sand, and left his two daughters behind, who are now adults. His second wife, who remains incognito, has a daughter with him. And he also has another wife in Thailand, with whom Sand had a son with. 

Sand ran motorcycle and pizza businesses in Thailand and was midst legal issues in Thailand for falsifying a British passport, which then lead him to flee to the Philippines. 

Although, the United States has an extradition agreement with Thailand, he was only deported back when he reached to the Philippines. He was arrested and taken into custody by federal marshals after he arrived to the United States.

Sand is accused of evading several court orders to support his children, which include payments of $750 weekly for child support that were never paid for, according to a federal complaint. If he fails to meet his obligations, he will be facing up to four years in prison.  

“Sand ignored his children and his obligations for over a decade, going so far as to leave the state and ultimately the country to avoid providing support for his children,” said US Attorney Loretta Lynch.

After not following legal formalities properly, Sand chose to flee to Thailand. This is a case of a deadbeat dad (criminal) leaving his children behind to flee from the legal obligations expected of him. Many cases have been seen in Thailand, however, not particularly of deadbeat dads but of criminals fleeing into Thailand and living a lavish life.

September 2008: Scott Storey, 43, killed his girlfriend, Bridget Cameron, in April 2004 after taking cocaine, valium, vodka, and beer all together, at Bridget’s house in Edinburgh. He then flee to Thailand, where he was only caught after two years, when he was caught leaving a boarding house in a “backwater resort” without paying his bill. He was then sent back to Scotland in April 2008, after being kept in a jail in Bangkok while awaiting extradition.

July 2012: Robert Dominic Bernard, 29-year-old Englishman was finally arrested in July of this year by the Thai police and Interpol at an electronics factory where he worked, after he was wanted for murdering Tomlin Duane, 20-year-old, in London, July 4th, 2007. He fled to Thailand after the murder.

December 2012: Vito Roberto Palazzo, fugitive Italian banker, was found guilty for laundering money during the 1970s and 1980s through the New York Pizzerias which was used for drug smuggling. He was convicted in Italy in 2006 and was sentenced to nine years of jail for being linked to the Mafia. In 2012, Palazzo fled to Thailand from Hong Kong as the Italian authorities were hunting him down. He was arrested in March of this year by the Thai police.    

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