Hot! England and Wales Report Highest Numbers of Violent Sex Crimes in EU

According to The Guardian, England and Wales has the highest numbers of rape and violent sex crimes reported in Europe.

New statistics released by the Eurostat show that 1.2 million women and 700,000 men in the UK reported being victims of domestic abuse in the last year. In total, 215,000 crimes of this nature were reported throughout Europe, 64,500 of which took place in the UK.

Eurostat stressed that the figures did not necessarily reflect the actual number of victims due to high numbers of sex crimes going unreported.

Suzanne Jacob of domestic abuse charity SafeLives said that the data shows that “significant gaps in the response still exist for people experiencing abuse”. “Victims are not ‘hidden’”, she said. “They’re coming forward in increasing numbers – we’re simply not doing enough yet to see them and respond”.

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