Hot! ‘First Erotic Garden’ Opens in Thailand, Police Raid Follows

Honey BeeVisitors to Thailand can now visit the recently opened Erotic Garden and Teahouse, with its display of phallic and suggestive sculptures and landscapes, reports the Huffington Post.

The erotic garden, located in Mae Rim, Thailand, and was created by Katai Kamminga, 49, who claims it is Southeast Asia’s first erotic garden and tea house.

Chaing Mai CityNews reports that international media coverage of the unique garden led authorities to mistakenly believe the house was providing sexual services.

On Wednesday, February 11, Mae Rim police visited Kamminga, who said she wasn’t surprised by the visit.

Kamminga gave police the full tour of her facilities to prove her business wasn’t a brothel but rather a display of art. According to CityNews, Kamminga said the visit ended cordially with tea at the tea house.

Kamminga told CityNews her interest in erotica started after being gifted a book about international erotic art and said she wanted to display some in her home country.

Read the full story here (link NSFW) and here (SFW).

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