Hot! First Gay Marriage Recognized in Russia due to Loophole in Russian Family Code


A newly wed gay couple were surprised to have their marriage recognized when they entered their home country after tying the knot in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although, same-sex marriage is prohibited in Russia, the Family Code, Article 14 does not disqualify gay marriage. Only unions that are people who are close relatives or are still married will not have their marriage recognized.

A press officer from the Moscow office later released a statement that a mistake had been made pertaining to the recognition of the gay married couple. Russia is largely intolerant to same-sex activities. A survey center has gathered information that points to about 80% of Russians considering gay sex to be “reprehensible”.

Russia’s family code also recognizes marriages that were conducted overseas, that is why the immigration officer “did not even change his expression” when the couple entered the country.

Thai Law Forum discusses with LGBT rights advocate, Pan Pan, about the challenges gay people have in Thai society when it comes to legal documents.

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