Hot! Germany Passes Law to Deport Asylum Seekers

The law has been called ‘anti-refugee’

The German Parliament passed a law on Thursday that would make it easier to deport failed asylum seekers and monitor refugees in the country in a bid to “tighten asylum laws” reports Al Jazeera.

Under the new law, authorities will be able to detain refugees due for deportation for 10 days rather than the previous 4 and will also monitor refugees deemed dangerous with ankle bracelets.

The law has been heavily condemned by human rights’ organizations that call it “anti-refugee.”

“The agreed package of measures for tougher deportation policies is a programme that will deprive asylum-seekers of hope for protection in Germany and is aimed at discouraging them,” said refugee organization Pro Asyl in a statement.

The law was introduced shortly after the Berlin attack in December in which 12 people were killed. The attacker Anis Amri had failed his asylum request and was under surveillance but authorities had yet to deport him.

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