Hot! Over 700,000 Foreigners Overstayed their U.S Visa in 2016

DHS official says “integrity of immigration system” is at stake

A recent report released by the Department of Homeland Security showed that over 700,000 visitors overstayed their U.S visa in 2016.

739,478 people stayed in the country past their visa validity including those who stayed one day over their allowable time, as well as those who have no intention of ever leaving the U.S.

A DHS official said to ABC News that the report shows that “we have a problem with visa overstays in the United States” and that “The integrity of our immigration system is at stake.”

Out of the 739,478 people that overstayed, a total of 628,799 of them showed no record of departure. However, the fluctuating immigration laws as well as continuing departures resulted in a lowered number by January 2017 leaving 544,676 unreported foreigners in the country.

The report represents about 96 percent of all people entering the U.S. on a temporary visa, including temporary workers, students, exchange visitors, personal travel and business travel.

UK is reported to have the largest number of people overstaying their visas followed by Germany, Italy and France.

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