Hot! Group Claims Progress on Halachic Pre Nups

Jerusalem Post | The women’s group Mavoi Satum called on couples to sign prenuptial agreements drawn up in accordance with Jewish law. These agreements are designed to prevent one of the partners from refusing to give or accept a get, or bill of divorce.

According to Halacha, without a get a woman cannot start a new family and in many cases men refuse to give their wives a get in order to extort more favorable terms in the divorce settlement.

A ‘get’ is the Jewish term for a divorce document. It is a written document that is the only way to terminate a marriage and nullify the original contract. Finally, a get may not be issued unless a civil divorce is first obtained.

The prenuptial agreement that Mavoi Satum promotes stipulates that should either partner refuse to give or accept a get, they will be forced to pay $1,500 or half their salary, whichever is higher, every month until they accede to their spouse’s request.

In Thailand there is no requirement for the other spouse to consent to a divorce, provided one spouse has grounds for divorce. If one spouse does not consent, the aggrieved spouse can ‘sit out’ a three year separation period that is considered a valid grounds for divorce in Thailand.  Alternatively, if both spouses consent to a divorce, an administrative divorce may be possible under certain circumstances.

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