Hot! US Helps Investigation of Honduran Lawyer’s Death

The Washington Post | A Honduran rights lawyers was gunned down after going to a wedding. The lawyer had been receiving death threats as well as seeking protection from a powerful billionaire landowner.

Antonio Trejo Cabrera, 41, was a lawyer for three peasant cooperatives in the Bajo Aguan farming area plagued by violent conflicts between agrarian organizations and land owners.

Now the U.S. Embassy is helping Honduran authorities investigate the murder. The embassy offered a U.S. law enforcement adviser already embedded with a specially vetted unit of Honduran police to look into the assassination.

A similar case to this is when Thai lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit disappeared in 2004. At the time he was representing clients from southern Thailand’s minority Muslim community accused of participating in an attack on an army depot.

The only trace of the lawyer was his empty car and it has been assumed he was murdered. Five policemen were arrested in connection to his disappearance but they were only charged with robbery and coercion, not with abduction, disappearance, or apparent murder.

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