Hot! Half of Australians Support the Right to Refuse Same-Sex Marriages

According to The Guardian, almost half of Australians believe that businesses should have the right to refuse to provide services for same-sex marriages based on their religious beliefs.

The Lonergan Research Poll found that 49% of people surveyed believe that service providers who refuse to serve same-sex couples should be protected by law. Among those people, 76% oppose marriage equality and 65% were aged over 65.

The survey also showed that some people had lied about the way they voted in the country’s poll over a same-sex marriage bill, with 10% of people saying they had misled others about their vote.

Gay Marriage in Thailand

Gay marriage is currently illegal in Thailand. In this video, Thai Law Forum interviewed people in Bangkok to find out their thoughts on the prospect of it becoming legalized in the future.

Divorce in Thailand can be categorized as consensual divorce registered at a government office, or court divorces.

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