Children Arrested in Raids on Asylum Seekers

According to Asian Correspondent, Thai police have carried out multiple raids on asylum seekers in the last two weeks, which have resulted in the arrest of 19 children.

Fortify Rights, a foreign NGO in Thailand, reports that most of these arrests were made as a result of unlawful entry and overstayed visas. Refugees who hold UNHCR documents are legally exempt from arrest, especially when children are involved. However, this has not stopped authorities from detaining dozens of people.

On October 31st, 21 Somali refugees were arrested, including eight children, in a raid that police dubbed “Black Halloween”. The raids have caused widespread criticism of Thailand’s immigration policies, and suggestions that they target people with dark skin, stereotyping them as criminals.

Amy Smith, director of Fortify Rights, said that the Thai authorities are “trampling on the rights of asylum seekers”. “Thailand should respect the rights of those in need of protection, including asylum seekers and children”, she added.

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Image: Nyhao

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