Sex Robot Brothel Opens in Barcelona

Europe’s first ever sex robot brothel has opened in Barcelona, offering “totally realistic dolls”, The Daily Star.

LumiDolls, which calls itself “the first sex dolls agency”, has five different dolls to satisfy customers’ fantasies “without any limit”. Katy, Kanda, Lilly and Yoko are available to use for 30-minute, 1-hour or 2-hour sessions, starting at €80 (3,100 baht). Couples can even book them to use together. For €240 (9,250 baht), they can be rented for an ‘at-home’ service.

The dolls are described as “completely realistic, both in the movement of their joints and to the touch”. Before use, they’re set in any position and outfit the customer chooses, and afterwards, they’re disinfected with antibacterial soap.

Some of the major concerns with sexual relationships with robots include legal implications in the future. For example, the transfer of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases could lead to a lawsuit boom. Thailand divorce lawyers anticipate that excessive robot sex may be used as a ground for divorce in Thailand.

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Image: Richard Girard

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