Hot! Illinois Becomes 11th State to Fully Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Illinois recently became the 11th state in the US to fully legalize the use of recreational marijuana.

The cannabis legalization bill will take effect on January 1, 2020, and will set up a host of new taxes and regulations regarding the drug.

Illinois residents aged 21 and up will legally be able to possess and purchase marijuana while tourists to the state will be able to purchase lesser amounts than permanent residents.

The Illinois legislature left the power to ban or further regulate the sale of marijuana within their jurisdictions but no limitations can be placed on possession by city governments.

Under the new bill, only those who qualify for medical marijuana in the state will be able to grow marijuana for personal use.

And all low-level convictions for marijuana will be pardoned and expunged from defendants’ records.

The recent weed legalization passage in Illinois is just another in a huge string of wins for the drug worldwide.

In addition to the 11 US states and DC that allow legal recreational marijuana use, 33 states and DC also allow medical marijuana use.

Even drug conservative countries like Thailand, who recently legalized medical marijuana countrywide, are taking steps toward full marijuana legalization.

Read the full story here.

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