Hot! Indonesia’s President Invokes Fear and Tells Police to Shoot Dealers

According to VICE, Indonesian President Joko Widodo may be following in Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s footsteps after instructing Indonesian police to shoot drug dealers. Indonesia is already known for its tough drug laws for giving the death penalty to offenders, including the two Australian men who were executed in 2015.

Not long after Indonesian police shot and killed a Taiwanese man who was alleged to have resisted  arrest while attempting to smuggle one ton of crystal meth into Indonesia, President Widodo said “Be firm, especially to foreign drug dealers who enter the country and resist arrest. Shoot them, because we indeed are in a narcotics emergency position now.”

Human Rights Advocates such as Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division are far from pleased with the Indonesian President’s comments and have said stated great concern about the Philippines’ brutal “war on drugs” spreading to other countries and regions.

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Image: Indonesia Security Drill | Sam | Flickr

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