Hot! Indonesia to Jail Returning Militants

The government is on the brink of passing a law to combat terrorism

Indonesian Police (FPU) by UNAMID

Reuters reports that Indonesia is set to approve a bill that would incarcerate citizens who return home after joining militant outfits abroad for period of up to 15 years.

According to the report, the need for the law arose from recent concerns about the spread of influence of Islamic State in Southeast Asia and the law is meant to act as a deterrent to those that want to join ISIS.

“The new criminal code adopts the principle of universality, which means that wherever an Indonesian citizen commits a crime, they can be legally processed in Indonesia,” said lawmaker Arsul Sani, referring to terrorism.

The law which is expected to pass in September is a response to law enforcement agencies that have complained of their inability to deal with people who have traveled abroad to join Islamic State and then returned home.

Indonesia is the most Muslim populous country in the world, with an approximate 203 million people identifying as Muslims which accounts for 86.1% of the entire population.

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