Hot! Italy Says Yes to Same-Sex Civil Unions

On May 11th the Italian parliament passed a law which will recognize same-sex civil unions in the country, reports the Economist.

Image Credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)

Rome. Image Credit: Moyan Brenn (Flickr)

The new law allows same-sex couples many of the same rights as traditionally married heterosexual couples, such as applying for public housing, inheriting partners’ pensions and receiving property inheritance.

This change in law reflects changing attitudes towards homosexuality, even in a strict Roman Catholic country such as Italy.

Polls show that the majority of Italians still oppose same-sex marriage, but are more open to the idea of civil unions, which ranges from about half to two-thirds in favor of.

Read the full story here.

To learn about gay marriage in Thailand, check out this video:

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