Hot! Japan Court Refuses Compensation for Forced Sterilization Victims, Citing Statute of Limitations

A Japanese court ruled that victims of forced sterilization are not owed compensation by the government once the 20-year statute of limitations expires.

The “Eugenic Protection Law”, which was struck down as unconstitutional, allowed the government of Japan to forcibly sterilize people with disabilities for almost 50 years–the policy ended in 1996.

The Sendai District Court ruled that the two plaintiffs could not seek compensation for being involuntarily sterilized.

The two had been fighting for compensation for 20 years and were left speechless by the verdict, according to reports.

The women were both sterilized as teenagers and were seeking $650,000 in compensation for the violation of their human rights.

Around 20 lawsuits have been filed since the draconian policy was ruled unconstitutional.

Over 16,000 individuals in Japan were forcibly sterilized under the now defunct law.

Read the full story here.

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