Hot! Judge Approves Use of “Truth Serum” on Colorado Shooter

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James Holmes, the Colorado man accused of murdering 12 and wounding dozens more in an Aurora movie theater shooting, has been entered a “not guilty” plea. The judge in the case entered the plea on behalf of Holmes, who’s lawyers delayed in doing so. Judge William B. Sylvester laid the groundwork for Holmes to plead insanity, which would require him to undergo comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, as well as a “narcoanalytic interview,” which would employ “truth serum.” The truth serum is a form of barbiturate, often administered during lethal injections, which “lowers inhibitions and prompts willingness to talk.” Holmes could potentially be injected intravenously with the serum and subjected to interrogation.

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The drug’s inhibition-lowering effects don’t necessarily mean what would come out of Holmes’ mouth would be the truth, but rather, false memories, fantasies or the like. The administration of truth serum, the effectiveness of which has been questioned, raises concerns about the ethical complications and medical risks involved in its usage. Salon notes that truth serum has been used in the past to “prove insanity rather than disprove it.”

Defense attorneys filed a motion objecting to the interview, but the judge has “signed an order permitting it.”

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