Hot! Judge Delays Decision on Fox News Reporter Leak


A Colorado Fox News reporter has been spared jail time until August after a judge delayed decision on her case.

Jana Winter was in court after refusing to divulge how she received confidential information about Colorado shooter James Holmes. The reporter broke an exclusive story about a notebook Holmes sent to his psychiatrists, which held drawings that foreshadowed the Aurora movie theater shooting. The hearing was meant to determine whether a gag order was violated, and whether or not Winter will be ordered to testify on how she obtained the confidential information. Winter initially cited anonymous law enforcement officials as her source.


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Arapahoe County District Judge Carlos Samour Jr. released a statement Monday saying it was too early to decide on the matter because “he had yet to rule whether the notebook even would be admissible as evidence.”

Winter’s lawyers have argued that a Colorado shield law and the First Amendment protect her from having to divulge her sources.

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