Hot! Laws Targeting Homeless People Who Smell Bad

Mercury News | A rising number of homeless people in Orange Country have been fined for various ‘crimes’ such as smoking in parks and having a “strong aroma.”

New ordinances have put restrictions in public areas where sitting, lying down, or sleeping on public property are being banned. Many of the areas homeless believe it is a way to push them out.

Earlier this year Denver voted to make urban camping illegal despite protests from homeless activists. In Philadelphia, public feedings were banned in public parks but the ordinance was put on hold the following month after homeless groups sued the city.
Some cities have seen a legal backlash as homeless advocacy groups sue. In one case, the homeless got checks from $400 to $750 apiece to settle a class-action lawsuit brought after police destroyed property seized during cleanup operations.

However, many residents in these communities are in favor of the ordinances especially when it concerns their children being in an area where they are in close contact with homeless strangers.

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