Man Fights Anti-Homosexual Laws in Hong Kong

According to the South China Morning Post, a man in Hong Kong has launched a legal battle against the country’s laws against homosexuality.

Under Hong Kong’s Crimes Ordinance, ‘homosexual buggery’ is illegal, as is ‘gross indecency by man and the conduct of procuring a young person to resort to, or be on premise or vessel, for intercourse, prostitution, buggery or homosexual act’.

Yeung Chu-Wing, who volunteers with a sexual minorities group called Rainbow Action, argues that the laws are ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unconstitutional’ because they single out homosexuals for this behavior, with no similar criminal sanctions against heterosexuals or lesbians.

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He demands that the High Court declare these laws unconstitutional  because they aren’t in accordance with Article 25 of the Basic Law and Article 22 of the Bill of Rights.

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Image: Matthew Yau

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