Hot! More and More Westerners Experiencing Homelessness in Thailand

According to homeless charities across Thailand, there are an increasing amount of westerners living homeless in the Southeast Asian country.

One organization, The Issarachon Foundation, estimates that over 200 westerners living in Thailand are homeless compared to about 30,000 homeless Thais.

For Thais experiencing homeless, however, the bulk of the problem stems from mental health issues. As for the westerners, their state of homelessness mostly can be blamed on alcohol problems.

As well as having to sleep on the country’s streets and beautiful beaches, many homeless westerners have to beg for money and scrounge for leftover food in order to get by.

It’s also doubly hard for westerners suffering from homelessness in Thailand, considering they have little avenues of respite in terms of welfare and other basic support.

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