Hot! Myanmar Govt Pledges to Crackdown on Male Prostitution, Massage Parlors

Male prostitution and businesses offering the clandestine services are growing in Yangon, Myanmar, according to the Asia News Network.

Apparently the use of advertising on social media for both available employment and services offered has abetted the spread of the male sex industry.

Asia News Network reported that working as a male prostitute is an attractive prospect for some young men because it does not require any experience or education and the job is “well-paid and doesn’t take much effort.”

Male massage parlors camouflaging as men-only health and beauty spas are reportedly one of the main sources of prostitution throughout Yangon and the surrounding townships, and often skirt by the police crackdowns on their female counterparts.

Kyaw Win is a lawyer and was quoted by Asia News Network saying, “There is a separate law against prostitution. But that law is only for female prostitutes. The criminal law includes a section that charged anyone involve in abnormal sexual intercourses.”

MP Khin San Hlaing said he would submit a proposal to the parliament to address the growing situation “as it goes against Myanmar tradition and customs.”

Read the full story here.

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