Hot! NYC Mayor Bloomberg Plans New Cigarette Laws

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A week after New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s sugar ban almost went into effect, the mayor has introduced new smoking restrictions. On Monday the mayor presented a plan that would require cigarette retailers to keep the packs out of sight. The cigarettes would have to be kept in a drawer, behind a curtain or cupboard, or in a concealed room — as long as they’re hidden.

Bloomberg stated the reasoning for the law is to shield children from tobacco marketing and to keep people from buying cigarettes on impulse, reports The New York Times.The law would make New York City the first city to enact legislation limiting the visibility of tobacco.

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Bloomberg also proposed a second law to discourage smoking, which would penalize retailers “who evade tobacco taxes by selling smuggled cigarettes, prohibit them from redeeming coupons and require them to sell cheap cigars and cigarillos in packs of at least four.” The law would also create a minimum price for cigarettes: just over $10 a pack.

The proposals go to City Council for consideration.

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