Hot! SESTA to put Transgender Sex Workers at Risk

Sex_Worker_Rights_-_London_SlutWalk_2011President Trump signed the SESTA law on Wednesday, making websites liable for “user’s speech” in the context to fight human trafficking. The new law has received widespread criticism from advocacy groups.

The legislation has already had a negative impact on the sex worker community. The advocacy group, Survivors Against SESTA, explained that many sex workers use the personal ad section on websites to gain and screen clients in regards to safety.

It is common for guardians involved in child custody disputes in Thailand to accuse another guardian of sexual or physical abuse. It is advised by expert child custody attorneys in Thailand to keep record of Saving evidence of crimes.

One of the websites that have had their personal ad section shut down in preperation for SESTA is They comment that sex workers have started to return to pimps, “abusive clients are re-emerging” due to the blacklist and online communities are ceasing to exist.

Adcvocacy groups warn that the new law will force trans sex workers back on the street where they face violence and abusive policing.

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