Hot! Arizona Passes Law to Decide who gets Frozen Embryos Post-Separation



Nita Farahany a law professor at Duke University, discusses the ethical implications of Arizona’s new law that dictates who in a separated couple gets to develop the frozen embryos of that couple “to birth”.

She explains that the new law would differ from the previous law in that if one party did not want to develop the embryo, then the embryo would not come into existence. However, now, the party that did not want to birth the embryo would become a genetic parent if the other party wanted to birth the embryo.

She comments that these types of situations could initiate “emotional and financial ties” to the child that they may have not wanted to develop with the party they got a separation with. There are also other provisions of the law that Farahany says a lot of consideration must be taken; for example if both parents want the embryo or if one of the parties isn’t liable for child support.

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