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A proposed liquor ban that would outlaw alcohol sales on footpaths, walkways and streets has been put on hold. Dr. Saman Futrakul, the President of the Disease Control Department’s Office of Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Consumption Control Committee, said the proposed ban would actually fall under an existing law that bans the sale of food, beverages and other items on the street and footpath.

The law would affect Phuket and most other parts of Thailand. While it reportedly was approved by the Ministry of Health last year, it was put on hold because the Office has been busy.

“If the regulation is launched, we will suppress only the alcohol sellers on the street and footpaths,” said Dr. Futrakul. “Other businesses such as food vendors or non-alcoholic beverage vendors won’t be included.”

The law would also limit the hours during which alcohol could be sold. In addition, consumption of alcohol in public areas would also be banned.

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